1. When you arrive in Fairfield, turn north into town.
  2. Drive for 2 miles till you reach a T intersection.
  3. Turn right and drive ¼ mile to the next intersection.
  4. Turn left and continue on the pavement for the next 8 miles till you reach the next marked intersection.
  5. Curve to the right onto gravel. It is marked as Couch Summit Rd with directional sign toward Methodist Camp. There is a vault toilet just beyond the intersection.
  6. Drive 14 miles over Couch Summit and on to the Ketchum intersection. Stay left towards Methodist Camp.
  7. Continue for 6 miles until you go over Big Smoky Bridge and then a smaller bridge over Paradise Creek. Now you’ll be at the only goofy intersection. The directional sign is confusing. Think of it as a roundabout. Regardless of the sign, the road to Featherville takes off to the left, Big Smoky GS is to the right and Camp is straight ahead, going uphill.
  8. Continue north another 6 miles over Fleck Summit and then across the South Fork of Boise River.
  9. Drive about 2 miles and turn right at the marked entrance of camp.
  10. Proceed to the Welcome Center which is the first building on your right for directions and information.

Campers under the age of 18 are allowed to drive to camp only with the written permission of parents and are not allowed to have any passengers under the age of 18.