Camp and Retreat E-News: Callings Come in Many Forms

March 13, 2020

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Reflections with Camp & Retreat Ministries

 Callings Come in Many Forms


By Michael Pletcher, Interim Director at Sawtooth Camp 

Calling is defined as a strong drive toward a way of life or vocation. As a young Christian I had the impression that if you were called by God it would be a life changing event. Moses was called by voice from a burning bush. Mary was visited by an angel. That is what I was expecting,  some sort of obvious, divine intervention as I began searching for my calling.

As I reflect on callings in my life, the things I have been called to were not accompanied by some grand pronouncement or visit from an angelic being. My callings came in several different forms; work that needed to be done, encouragement from loved ones, or engaging in activities that I enjoy.

I lead the youth group in my church because it was a job that needed to be done. I was not willing to let the youth program waste away for lack of a leader. This was the first time I felt my work was a calling. My wife and mother encouraged me to quit working and return to school. They had answers for all my excuses of why that would not work. With their support I became an educator which has been proven to be a calling not a job. My work in camp and retreat ministries has also turned out to be a calling and came as a personal love of outdoor recreation. 

The strong drive toward a way of life or vocation often starts as quiet voice not an angelic pronouncement, perhaps a job that needs to be done, encouragement from loved ones, or a passion.

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