Hargreaves' Transition Continues to Teach New Lessons

October 18, 2017

Letting go, for director Dave Hargreaves can feel like a free fall, especially if he is accustomed to “being large and in charge,” as his wife Candace says. But, there is great opportunity to stretch, grow and learn if we only can let go and trust.

After submitting to back surgery in August, Dave was determined to get back to camp in time for what turned out to be the largest camp of the season. He didn’t want to miss a single day because he needs to make sure everything is operating smoothly and he likes to greet every single guest upon their arrival. It’s just what he does.

However, he was not able to return as quickly as hoped and was forced to let go of that expectation. When he arrived, Dave found extremely happy guests and everything under control. He could have felt badly that he wasn’t missed or needed, or, perhaps all the work he did preparing for the camp prior to surgery was enough. Perhaps he has trained his staff successfully on meeting high standards of Christian hospitality. Receiving such gifts of love and labor is usually harder than giving them.

Dave’s upcoming retirement from Sawtooth may be easier now, as he is called to trust that what he has done in his 46 years, will have helped many campers and guests to have experienced God in a small area of creation. And, by doing that, they can return to their world with a deeper faith.

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