Sawtooth National Forest Service/BLM Fire School

June 08, 2016

Every year Sawtooth Camp hosts a crew of 75-100 forest service personnel who are training to fight forest fires and being strategic about the federal response to the inevitable fire season. Sawtooth Camp staff is happy to feed, host, feed, offer challenge course leadership, feed, and be of service to this important safety net to our communities and ecosystems. Did I mention the food?

All of our camps are in forested lands and two of our sites (Latgawa and Suttle Lake) are in direct land-lease relationship with the US Forest Service. While we are grateful that Camp and Retreat Ministries, through Sawtooth Camp, can be the host site for their training and conversations, we are even more grateful for the work that these brave women and men do to mitigate the risk of fire.

By the way, in case you were wondering what in the world the U.S. Forest Service workers are doing in the lower right hand picture (notfinding a temporary respite from rain!), they are on the challenge course, building teamwork on a new element called "Conga Caterpillar"! Camp is definitely for adults too!

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