Why We Choose to Be ACA-accredited and What It Takes

August 28, 2018

Camp Latgawa just finish its application to become American Camp Association (ACA)-accredited and is waiting for the review process to be complete, joining our other sites that put on the bulk of our children and youth programming: Magruder, Suttle Lake, and Sawtooth. Wallowa Lake Camp and Alton L. Collins focus on adult programming and go through a different process.

So, why do camps go through this painstaking process? Read this article, written by Ken Atkinson director emeritus at Geneva Glen Camp in Indian Hills, Colorado.

The directors and staff of Geneva Glen Camp (Indian Hills, Colorado), have always approached the triennial ACA visit anticipating a very upbeat and affirming experience! Our feeling is that we simply have a quality program and we are excited to share it.

We were asked to look a little more closely at why the accreditation process is so important. . . and why we see what on the surface appears to be an enormous effort and the encompassing nature of it!

We were happy to host four visitors at our August ACA visit at Geneva Glen this past summer. We were overjoyed to see the enthusiasm they reflected and by their genuine appreciation in the way the standards were answered comprehensively and precisely. Credit our staff team — in particular, Reid McKnight — who directed the effort with a group of as many as 20 Geneva Glen Camp staff who had specific camp duties, carried out expertly, with Reid coordinating them. Our guests applauded the success of the visit, and even pulled out their cameras and took notes! They enthusiastically made over how organized every facet of the visit was prepared and “presented.”

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